Personal Information

Philipp Christoph Tautz — タオツ フィリップ·クリストフ

Yokohama, Japan | Permanent Resident of Japan

[email protected]

Work History


December 2018 – Present, Tokyo, Japan

Global Advertising Technology Company (1000 people; full-time employee)

1. Implementation (Supply) Engineer (Dec 2018 – Present)

  • In charge of setting up Outbrain widgets on new and existing publisher websites and applications
  • Trouble shooting Outbrain widgets on new and existing publisher websites and applications
  • Responsible for onboarding activities of key publishers
  • Designing and developing of new widget layouts based on publisher requests
  • Creating of documentations of tools, procedures and best practices for the implementation / supply operations team
  • Supporting new product rollouts through implementation, testing, quality assurance and documentation
  • Ongoing mentorship of Outbrain members from operations, business and engineering as well as training and mentorship of new Implementation Engineers in Japan and globally
  • Support of and design for Japans marketing manager (2019 – 2020),
  • focused on work in Illustrator and InDesign

2. Accessibly Advocate (Dec 2019 – present)

  • Acting as the leader of up to 3 Implementation Engineers, working on accessibility efforts
  • In charge of accessibility training
  • Conducting design and code reviews
  • Advocate for accessibility

3. Advisor to the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DE&I) officer, member of the DE&I council (Aug 2020 – Jul 2021)

  • Involved in the election the companies 1st Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) officer
  • Advisor to DE&I officer


  • Onboarding of several key publishers (Singapore, Australia, Japan)
  • Design and code renewal of several key publishers (Germany, New Zealand, Japan)
  • Implementation, Quality Assurance, documentation and training of new software used by the whole team
  • Part of post merger integration (PMI) for Ligatus 2019 — 2020


October 2017 – September 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Customer Service Chatbot Company (startup; 70 people; full-time employee)

Lead UX/UI Designer, Front End Developer

  • Designed triple’s core apps from the ground up, both the UX and UI (an AI driven and human supported chat widget for the hospitality industry, the chat backend application and an upcoming traveller service)
  • Designed and coded tripla’s first design system, covering everything from branding, colour schemes, typography, templates and front end coding styles
  • Created the corporate identity
  • Designed (UX/UI), coded and QA of tripla’s chat bot interface
  • Designed (UX/UI) and coded (HTML/CSS/Ruby on Rails implementation) of the backend for tripla’s chatbot interface
  • Run design sprints and project management for several projects


  • tripla chatbot widget (design, front end coding & QA)
  • tripla chatbot backend system / CMS (design)
  • tripla design system
  • Hotel booking application (not released)


September 2016 – October 2017, Tokyo & Fukuoka, Japan

Marketing Content Management PaaS (startup; 10 people; full-time employee)

1. Tokyo Operations Manager, Front End Developer, UX designer (February 2017 – October 2017)

  • Managed Business Operations in the Tokyo branch office
  • Hiring manager for Engineering, Marketing and Design
  • Project Manager for Qurate’s Content Management PaaS and two customer implementations
  • In charge of Customer Service
  • Supported pre-sales and pitched the company to potential investors
  • UX design for one project
  • Managed 2 staff

2. Lead Front End Developer, Office Manager (Sep 2016 – Jan 2017)

  • Lead front end developer for Qurate’s Content Management PaaS
  • Project Management for Qurate’s Content Management PaaS
  • Managed 2 front end developers
  • Supported pre-sales and pitched the company to potential investors


  • Front End Development of an app for one of Qurate’s angle investors (Mirai Scape)
  • Front End Development of (in 2016)
  • Design, Development and Customer Service for an app designed for Slush Tokyo 2017

Rakuten Ichiba

August 2013 – September 2016, Tokyo, Japan

all-round E-commerce (enterprise, 6000 people+ in Tokyo; full-time employee)

Mobile UX-Designer, Front End Developer

  • Designed the UI and UX for several campaigns and Rakuten Ichiba
  • Conducted several code and image optimisation projects and A/B Tests
  • Trained fellow designers and developers (Responsive Web Design, image and code optimisation as well accessibility, SASS/CSS and modern CSS [Flexbox, media queries, etc.])
  • Managed several projects
  • Conducted data analysis (A/B tests, speed tests, other key KPI’s)


  • Optimisation of the Ichiba Mobile home page
  • From the ground up redesign of Ichiba Mobile search page
  • Design and coding of the global marketplace home page
  • Project management for the renewal of Rakuten’s international properties (Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, US and UK)


April 2012 – July 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Crossplattform PaaS for app development (startup; 60 people; full-time employee)

Manager Design Team, Front End Developer

  • Management of the design team
  • Design (UX/UI) of the Mobilous website as well as the Mobilous PaaS “AppExe”
  • Front-End Development
  • Managed the localisation of the Mobilous website and PaaS “AppExe” (3 languages: English, Japanese, Hindi)
  • Wrote the documentation for “AppExe"


July 2008 – April 2009, Tokyo, Japan

Online music store (startup; 4 people; full-time employee)

Web Designer, Front-End Developer

  • Designed (UX & UI) of the MusicTrax website and Content Management System
  • Conducted Quality Assurance
  • Managed localisation (4 languages: English, Japanese, Modernised Chinese, German)


April 2006 – April 2012, Berlin, Germany & Tokyo, Japan

Independent Web Designer and Developer

  • Focused on UX and Webdesign
  • Coded static as well as WordPress driven Websites
  • Made some print design
  • Worked on a study focused on web accessibility



  • Photoshop CC / Affinity Photo
  • Illustrator CC / Affinity Designer
  • Figma, Adobe XD, etc.
  • BBEdit / Atom / VS Code
  • MS Office / Google Office / Apple Office Suite
  • Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge / Opera
  • Salesforce
  • Jira / Kanban Ticketing systems
  • Confluence
  • Logic Pro


  • HTML / HTML5
  • SVG (Intermediate)
  • Ruby on Rails(Beginner)
  • JavaScript (Beginner)
  • PHP (Beginner)


  • Accessibility
  • People management
  • Project management
  • Aglie Methodologies
  • Pre and post sales support
  • Training and coaching



Abitur, Kolleg Schöneberg, 2003 – 2006

Vocational baccalaureate diploma, Dress Making, Quality Assurance, OSZ Mode und Bekleidung, Berlin, 2000 – 2001

Dressmaker with craft certificate, Dress Making, design, OSZ Mode und Bekleidung, Berlin, 1997 – 2000


  • German (native proficiency)
  • English (fluent)
  • Japanese (daily conversational)