2006 & on-going

My origins are in dress making, but I quickly became fascinated with fashion design & photography, started learning graphic design (including Quark XPress & InDesign) and finally moved on to web design. Not satisfied with Photoshop mocks, I learned coding by copying source code into a text editor and deleting and editing elements and watching results in the browser.

Over the years, working as a freelancer, in start-ups & enterprise I have developed skills in usability, accessibility; learned coding semantic HTML and DRY CSS; learned creating good customer / user experiences, as well as learned how to lead small and mid-sized teams to success.

Lately I have been studying modernist grid design and expressionist typography.

My focus is on making sites and apps usable & understandable for customers, as this drives customer engagement and satisfaction.

Below you will find some projects from recent years. My CV can be found here.

Please note that the project notes about Annette Hildebrandt are not yet complete. The other projects mentioned have not been added and only exist in my print portfolio. They will be added soon below.

Lothar Tautz

2019 – ongoing

For this site renewal project I am tasked with, moving from a blog based promotional site to an archive of articles, essays and speeches. The project focused on moving to a fully responsive layout, build on CSS grid.

In an ongoing process I am adding more articles, essays and speeches, as well as improving on the layout.

Site renewal project insights · live site

Annette Hildebrandt

2018 – 2019

In this project the task was to create a biographical site for an author. The main focus was on creating a site with good readability and a simple, yet clear information architecture.

This was the first major redesign since I first created the site in 2007 and had very short turn around time of only 2 months, from 1st design draft to launch.

I am in process of finishing this page.

Rebranding project insights · live site

tripla, k.k.

2017 – 2018

In tripla I mostly worked on UI projects, from a new set of branding, over the design and template coding of a chat bot interface and laid the foundation of an Online Travel Agency (OTA) site, which was not realised in this form, during my tenure.

Design & coding projects · tripla, corporate website

Qurate, Inc.

2016 – 2017

My hands on work in Qurate was focused on building and designing sites on top of Qurate’s Paas CMS. We build sites for Slush, startups and the Japanese government. The designs were usually done by outside consultants so I was free to build very challenging layouts.

Design & coding projects · Qurate, corporate website

Rakuten, Inc.

2013 – 2016

In Rakuten I worked exclusively on mobile projects. These ranged from cleanups over redesigns to heuristic analysis and usually included running A/B tests on pages that generated an average of ¥5–7 Million / day.

Design, analytics & coding projects · Rakuten Ichiba