taotsu logo, the word taotsu in chinese characters, as a rubber stamp with a blue beanie, because the auther believes in web standards

Philipp Christoph Tautz

– UX Designer, UI Designer, Front End Developer, Unicorn –

About now

I am currently and actively looking for a new opportunity as UX/UI designer, possibly in combination with or growing into a leadership role.

I live in Yokohama, enjoy working in Tokyo, but I am open to remote.

My past and current work can be see in my portfolio (which is currently being updated and remade into a full site), but please check everything I have to offer below.

About me

My origins are in dress making, but I quickly became fascinated with fashion design & photography, started learning graphic design (including Quark XPress & InDesign) and finally moved on to web design.

Not satisfied with Photoshop mocks, I learned coding by copying source code into a text editor and deleting and editing elements and watching results in the browser. In the days before an inspector, this was a lot of copy / paste and save / reload.

Over the years, working as a freelancer, in start-ups & enterprise I have developed a strong sense of usability, accessibility, semantic HTML and DRY CSS, good UX design, as well as learned how to lead small and mid-sized teams to success.

My focus is on making sites and app usable & understandable for customers, as this drives customer engagement and satisfaction.

I live to ship quality.

And how to get hold of me

You can reach me at [email protected], on twitter and on linkedin.

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on in the next proper version.